Halloween Decor at Knott's

theFUNnelCakeBlog always kicks off the Knott's Scary Farm / Knott's Spooky Farm season with a few day visits to the park simply to enjoy the decor. In fact, we check into the Knott's Berry Farm Hotel the night before the opening day of #ScaryFarm to be at park opening at 10 a.m. on Thursday to stroll the midways and appreciate the work the Park Decor team puts into setting the mood for the season.

For 2019, the iconic cheesecloth cobwebs are back and adorn most of Ghost Town. Last year, thousands of pumpkins, gourds, and corn stalks were added to the flower beds, and happily they returned for the 2019 season, adding an element of Fall to the usually consistent California weather season. Parts of Knott's Berry Farm look absolutely beautiful... postcard worthy in fact. While others retain that much-anticipated, old-school Halloween vibe. Multiple photos op and a massive, impressive new entry plaza display have been designed for Instagram fanatics. Since much of the detail can be lost at night, we recommend planning a day visit to enjoy the decorations. Since late September and all of October is considered "off season," weekday visits offer solitude. Weekend days can be quite busy due to the increased popularity of the family-friendly Spooky Farm activities.

No other Southern California attraction comes close when comparing decorations and landscape. A big "thank you" to Knott's Berry Farm management for not compromising when it comes to park decor, something that has been a tradition for almost 50 years! This is what keeps us coming back over and over, year after year!


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