Halloween Events: The Best of the Best

The Halloween season is coming to a close, and there are only a few days left to experience seasonal attractions and events in Southern California. We reflect over the past month and present what stood out to us the most for our first ever Halloween Awards!

The First Annual Funnel Cake Halloween Awards

Awards are selected from the following events: Fright Fest at Six Flags Magic Mountain, Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios Hollywood, Horror Made Here at Warner Bros. Studio Tour, Knott’s Scary Farm, and The Queen Mary’s Dark Harbor.

Best Overall Event - Knott’s Scary Farm - (tie) The Queen Mary’s Dark Harbor Favorite Maze at Each Event - Condemned at Fright Fest - Universal Monsters at Halloween Horror Nights - The Conjuring Universe at Horror Made Here - The Depths at Knott’s Scary Farm - Intrepid at The Queen Mary’s Dark Harbor

Favorite New Maze - The Depths at Knott’s Scary Farm Favorite Returning Maze - Pumpkin Eater at Knott’s Scary Farm - (tie) Intrepid at The Queen Mary’s Dark Harbor Favorite Individual Attraction - Camp Crystal Lake at Horror Made Here - (tie) The Exorcist: The Forbidden Screening at Horror Made Here

Best Overall Live Entertainment - Queen Mary’s Dark Harbor

Best Show - Jabbawockeez at Halloween Horror Nights - (tie) Betty vs. Joan at Horror Made Here - (tie) Slider Show at Queen Mary’s Dark Harbor

Favorite Scare Zone - Ghost Town Streets at Knott’s Scary Farm - Nightmares: A Twisted Fantasy at Fright Fest Favorite Five Scare-Actors - The Ringmaster at Queen Mary’s Dark Harbor - (tie) Lefty and Riighty (sic) – Clown Twins at Knott’s Scary Farm - (tie) The Chicken and Rooster at Knott’s Scary Farm - (tie) The Train Conductor at Knott’s Scary Farm - (tie) The entire cast of the Willoughby Family at Fright Fest Note: theFUNnelCakeBlog has friends that work at ALL of the events included in these awards. We love you all! Every one of you put your heart and soul in to your roles in order to entertain guests... and we appreciate and recognize that.

Overall Décor and Atmosphere - Knott’s Scary Farm Summary Knott’s Scary Farm is our perennial favorite. From the décor, to the talent, to the industry-leading mazes, there really is no comparison. Dark Harbor is always our second place favorite. From the talent that returns year after year, to the hidden bars, and creepy carnival settings, a good time is always to be had. The event we looked most forward to this year was Horror Made Here at the Warner Bros. Studio Tour. It did not disappoint, and in fact, it delivered two of the most memorable experiences of the season. Their “studio tour” to Camp Crystal Lake was a ton of fun, and “The Exorcist” screening was the highlight of 2018. Guests literally ran out when it ended. Job well done! Fright Fest always seems to be the underdog, yet manages to deliver an entertaining visit every year. Red’s Revenge and the new Condemned maze are top-notch. The Willoughby family on Exile Hill are some of the best in the business. Last but not least, there is Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios. Their maze honoring the history of the studio's iconic and historic monsters was the favorite of then night when we visited. The Jabbawockeez alwats put on a memorable performance, If we could go back only one more time to any of these events this season, it would be: Horror Made Here. If we were buying a ticket for a friend who could only go one night to one event, and had never been to any of them… it would be Knott’s Scary Farm.