Boney Island: Back and Better Than Ever!

A staple Halloween event for families in Sherman Oaks went dark last year after the popularity made it outgrow its original front yard location. So many people (even the fire department) loved the spooky animated "theme park" so much, the City of Los Angeles put the brakes on the festivities due to traffic and safety concerns. Much to theFUNnelCakeBlog's dismay, and the thousands of others that visited every year, there was no Boney Island 2017. As much as we loved Boney Island, we saw it grow over the years to the point where finding parking, getting near the displays and navigating the front yard was a hassle. As the old adage goes, "everything happens for a reason." This year, Boney Island is back, bigger and better than ever and in its new home at the Los Angeles Live Steamers in Griffith Park, between the "Ghost Train" and Travel Town. What is Boney Island? Think of it as a giant theme park display. There are numerous photo ops, interactive mystifying displays, a few mini walk- through attractions, live magic, and a dazzling water show set to music, hosted by the animated Maestro Maxilla. The props, displays, and animated skeletons are Disney quality. That should come as no surprise as the creator of the event is a former producer of The Simpsons. Rick Polizzi started Boney Island 19 years ago for his children and it has grown to what it is today. Many of the same props and displays we came to love in Sherman Oaks are back, and have been upgraded. Gone is beloved tree house, but that's a fair trade off for the expanded footprint, and numerous new attractions. The water show takes place every few minutes and live magic shows happen throughout the night. Much effort, creativity, and passion is put into Boney Island. This draws visitors back year after year and has made it a tradition for those young and old. If losing Boney Island last year helped secure the new, expanded location, the year off was well worth the wait. Again, "everything happens for a reason."

The event is open from 6pm to 10 pm October 11-14, 18-21, and 25-31. For additional information, admission prices, and exact location, visit at Expect to spend about an hour at Boney Island. You can maximize your visit to Griffith Park by visiting neighboring attractions, including Travel Town and the L.A. Zoo. Take a ride the historic Merry Go Round, go to the Autry Museum, go on a hike, and see the ponies. Next door to Boney Island is the ever-popular Ghost Train. Also in the park is the L.A. Haunted Hayride (recommended for ages 13+). Please note all of these attractions have different operating hours and admission. Plan accordingly.