Ghost Town Alive Returns for 2018

Summertime at Knott’s Berry Farm means the return of Ghost Town Alive! The interactive experience brings the Ghost Town section of the park to life with a variety of character interactions, pop-up shows, and wild west adventures. Guests are immersed in the story and the daily activities taking place in the town of Calico. Each day, the situations change a bit, but sticks to the theme for the season. Over the past few years, the story has evolved and has brought fans back over and over again. Since last year the townsfolk including, the mayor and his wife have profited from gold being found. But, are the profits from what the typically devious Mayfields claim was theirs? Today, Calico is celebrating their annual Founders Day, although the names of the founders are unreadable after a fire and water damage destroyed the official documents. Once thought long gone, Phyllis Mayfield returns by train with some interesting information that may change everything. Besides the creative story, each of the actors in Ghost Town do their best to involve as many guests as possible in the story. You will see kids and adults of all ages running through the park executing errands, delivering messages, and reporting back to the newspaper on daily goings on. Clues and other activities are hidden throughout Ghost Town. See if you can figure out the what the mystery is all about! During theFUNnelCakeBlog's visits so far this summer, we have been sworn in as citizens at Town Hall, made a deposit at the Bank, ran a note from the Bank to the Assay Office, got a chunk of gold, which we took to Sad Eye Joe, were made official reporters for the newspaper, and helped spread some gossip from Miss Goldie's (who was on vacation).

The season-long event has not only captured the heart of passholders and first-time guests, but also the respect of the Themed Entertainment Association. Knott’s was the recipient of the Thea Award for Outstanding Achievement on a limited budget. Schedule a trip to spend the day in Calico and pay attention to the schedule to catch the action as if unfolds. Make sure to stay until 5:30 for the daily Hoedown, which is always a ton of fun.

In addition to all of the non-stop Ghost Town Alive! action, make catch Calico’s Mountain Jamboree on the Calico Mine Stage. The brand-new show is filled with stunts and features the rivalry between the Timber Mountain Loggers and the Calico Miners. Elsewhere in the park, guests can experience the newly opened dive coaster in the Boardwalk. HangTime features the steepest drop in California, and reaches a top speed of 57 miles per hour. Also in the Boardwalk, groove along with Beach Blanket Beagle in the Charles M. Schulz Theatre. The show is a musical dance party set to the classic beach tunes of the 60’s and 70’s. The cast of talented dancers and singers are accompanied by Snoopy! Ghost Town Alive! takes place select days through September 3. Calico’s Mountain Jamboree and Beach Blanket Beagle play select days through August 19. For a full schedule and more information, visit