Knott's Spooky Farm: Daytime Fun

Knott’s Spooky Farm is a non-scary daytime Halloween event for kids of all ages. Spooky Farm has grown over the past few years and now offers activities throughout the park, not just in Camp Snoopy, where it used to be confined. Unlike Scary Farm at night, there is no separate admission charge. Children will be given a trick-or-treat bag to collect goodies from stops throughout Ghost Town. Sorry adults, the treats are for kids only! The little ones are encouraged to come in costume and follow the map to each treat station. Along the way, you will encounter several friendly ghosts and ghouls, who welcome you to the park, and are more than willing to pose for a photo or two. While in Ghost Town, make sure to stop in at the barn and help celebrate the 50th Anniversary of “It’s the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown.” The movie will be playing, if you want to stop and relax and there are numerous photo opportunities to take a selfie. In Camp Snoopy, find a 15-minute live stage show featuring your favorite Peanuts characters and take a stroll through a small hay maze (which is used at night as a Skeleton Key room during Scary Farm). Don’t worry, there is nothing inside that will frighten small children! In the afternoon, kids can participle in a parade that allows them to flaunt their costumes. Over in Fiesta Village, a really charming Dia de los Muerots village has been set up in the former Windseeker location. Again, this is a great spot for photos and offers a mini maze, dancing marionettes, and craft vendors. Maria and Edwina from Miss Doolittle’s (former shop in Ghost Town) return with a variety of spooky hand-made crafts, bows and decorations. That’s not all… stroll over to the Boardwalk, where you fill find the “Ghastly Gallery.” Inside, find a fun arts-themed show by Rick R. Mortis, co-hosted by Charlie Brown and Lucy Van Pelt. All of Knott’s other rides, shows and attractions are open during Spooky Farm, which makes for a fun-filled Halloween-themed day that is much more cost effective than a sold-out ticket to Mickey’s Halloween Party at Disneyland. Having visited Disneyland this past weekend during the day for “Halloweentime,” it is easy to say that Knott’s offers more Halloween-themed, limited-time activities for the little ones than the park down the street, and it is significantly much more affordable.

Note: Spooky Farm only takes place on the weekends in October and on Halloween Day (Monday). More info: