Six Flags Magic Mountain's Fright Fest Plans

On Thursday, August 21, 2014 the management at Six Flags Magic Mountain unveiled plans for this year's Fright Fest. This year will feature the largest capital investment in the history of Fright Fest. Additional nights have also been added. The event will start in September, on Friday the 26th.

Seven Scare Zones

  • City Under Siege (DC Universe) -Psychotic clowns and unique characters

  • Exile Hill (Top of Samurai Summit) - Zombies and the Willoughby Family

  • Nightmares: A Twisted Fantasy (Near Roaring Rapids) - Black light / Fairy tales with a twist

  • Zombie X-ing (In Front of Golden Bear Theater) – Zombies

  • Wastelands (Near the Aftermath attraction) - Apocalyptic zombies

Demon’s Door - Featuring the queen of hell and her demonic warrior protector

  • Ravenstitch - Raven-like creatures will taunt park guests

  • Traveling Scare Squad (Park-wide) - Nowhere is safe

Returning Mazes

  • Willoughby’s Resurrected (Base of the Sky Tower) The Willoughby’s family tale unfolds before your eyes at this once affluent Victorian mansion, that has become victim to evil spirits.

  • Aftermath (Movie District near Riddler’s Revenge) Enter a post-apocalyptic city where nomad warriors rule with a bone crushing fist and the dead stalk the living. One of the largest mazes in Southern California returns with new surprises.

  • Chupacabra (X2 Plaza) Come face-to-face with this elusive blood-thirsty creature as it terrorizes a local Day of the Dead Festival.

  • Total Darkness (Magic Moments) Unexpectedly the lights dim on an historic theatre on the anniversary of the demise of a long-running show. The spirits are awakened and haunt tourists who try and catch a glimpse. You must find your way around with no light to guide you.

  • Toyz of Terror, Now in 3D (Behind Full Throttle Plaza) A toy factory is haunted by a chilling turn of events that took place when the admired inventor went psychotic and added demented spirits to his toys, leaving them all possessed.

New Mazes

  • The Willoughby’s Garden of Darkness (Samurai Summit) Roam the Haunted Garden of the Willoughby’s. This dense labyrinth of man-eating plants and apparitions is no playground for the faint of heart. The Willoughby’s youngest is always looking for a playmate.

  • Vault 666 (Behind Full Throttle Plaza) In the distance is an old abandoned facility that has recently been discovered after years of secrets of the unknown. If you dare enter, be aware of your surroundings at all times. Unknown animal-like screams have been heard deep within the unsecured valut.

  • Red’s Revenge (Behind Full Throttle Sports Bar) Takes theming to a whole new level. Over the hill and through the woods to grandmother’s house you go. Enter the world of Red Riding Hood and the Big Bad Wolf, but in this fairy tale, you and the wolf are hunted by Red and her demonic minions.


  • VooDoo Nights (Full Trottle Plaza) Feeding off the energy of Full Throttle, this dance party will feature twenty of the most energetic dark-spirited people you will ever meet. It’s all about energy and darkness.

  • In addition, the Hypnotist will return to the Golden Bear Theater

Special Upcharge Experiences

  • Fright Feast – Buffet dinner at Samurai Summit with monster meet and greets and a special magic show.

  • The Monster Tour – Monster Rides meet Monster Attractions on the VIP Tour and Experience


  • Special ride experiences designed for Fright Fest will also be available

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